Positive technological emotions

Life Quote

This piece reflects my previous blog, the only difference is this one emphasizes on the positive thoughts that help improve my life.

I would like my audience to make predictions on how these reinforcements compare to technology.

A positive reinforcement in my life is my family. Even though I do not spend a lot of time with them, they always know how to make me feel better.  I enjoy family reunions and being able to spend time with my relatives. They are familiar wit the activities I like and share a mutual connection with my feelings.

Another trait that gives me a positive reinforcement is Religion.  Whenever I am feeling down a prayer always helps me regenerate my positive emotions.  In addition, when I am stuck in a situation God is always there to give me assistance, and navigate my life back to positive environment.

A great trait I constantly do is, reinforce myself with positive compliments.  When I accomplish a certain task, I might give myself a pat in the back, or treat myself to my favorite hobbies.  This technique benefits my life because it gives me a sense of pleasure knowing that I am proud of my work.

Exercising causes a great amount of happiness if my life. When I have succeeded a certain weight goal, I feel a lot more confident about my looks. I also work out to relieve stress that had accumulated throughout my day; doing this improves my life intellectually and physically.

Reading is another example of a positive trait I use to improve my life. When reading literature I tend to loose the world and the problems that surround me.  This causes a great amount of pleasure that makes my problems bearable.


The positive power of negative thinking

Negative emotions are technology because they are a psychological thoughts that may or may not improve society.

I will share my negative thoughts with the world, and expect the readers to visualize why these thoughts improve my life.

When I look in the mirror, I feel hatred towards myself.    I always imagine myself as an obese man that eats away his gloom. At times, I cannot believe how much weight I have gain that I start exercising and stop eating.  The reason for the hatred I have towards my size is, when I was a kid I always got picked on for my chubby appearance.  The comments said gave me a permanent psychological damage that decreased my self-esteem drastically.


My social-class gives me a wretched feeling towards myself because, I feel useless and unimportant. Everyday someone dies, but the majority of the deaths that occur are towards un-wealthy people. We are not aware of everyone that dies because society does not emphasize the importance of his or her death. If it was a wealthy aristocrat, the society will be aware of it and will show empathy; this causes me to feel as if I was a fallen tree in a forest.


My speech gives me a feeling of stupidity because people do not always understand what I am trying to say.  At times, I find it difficult to have a conversation with someone without processing the words intellectually.  When I speak, I tend to stutter and choke on my own words; the only way I can pronounce sentences properly is by writing them down and trying to speak them in my mind. Having said this, when I try to speak professionally others laugh; which causes a feeling of retardation.


This might be absurd but time gives me a negative feeling.  Time goes by so fast, that completing tasks is impossible.  I am currently taking 3 summer courses and working full-time.  The extra time I have to complete schoolwork goes by so fast that I hardly complete an assignment. Therefore, a feeling of impatience occurs when assignments are piling up.


My grades give me a horrible negative feeling.  When completing an assignment I always try my best and focus to receive a good grade. When the instructor returns it with a low grade, I feel ashamed.  It causes me to have a feeling of stupidity and discourages me to try harder in my future work.  It has an affect in my life that proves to me the harder you try the more you fail.




exotic car


In my opinion, cars are the most helpful piece of technology created. They help us transport merchandise from one location to another using less time, money and energy. This is beneficial because, supplies will reach the destination in a faster and more dependable way. Cars are also convenient when it comes to family tasks. They have more space, in which relatives can sit and be involved in family duties. A car can also improve how a person shops. For example, they allow more space for groceries and personal goods.  A job can also help you land a great job.  For example, when filling out a application it asks if you have a valid license and a form of transportation.  Therefore, a vehicle can help improve the likelihood of you getting a job.

Some cars are eco-friendly towards the environment. Cars are now able to use less gas, which means less pollution to our surroundings. A hybrid normally gives a 20-50% reduction in fuel consumption more than a conventional power train. If the majority of vehicles in a community were replaced with hybrids, the community would see a drop of 10-25% in fuel use, which is significant.  Hybrid vehicles also use less air pollution, which drops the percentage of greenhouse gases.  Many hybrids are also emission-free when waiting in traffic lights, or while making a complete stop.  Hybrids also create less air noise than non-hybrid vehicles.  This will improve the environment by, giving environment less noise when traffic jams occur.

Living in an area where traffic is major, people are more likely to catch a respiratory illness. Reducing the air emissions of a vehicle would reduce the chance of becoming respiratory ill.

A car can also give proof to society that you’re a successful person.  For example, when seeing a luxurious car people tends to believe that a wealthy or famous person holds possession of the fine vehicle. Therefore, the public will quickly judge you in being an important icon to society.

Cars help eliminate toxins that affect our environment while improving our lives; therefore, they are one of the best resources humanity has created to help improve society.  Without a vehicle live would be very difficult and less convenient when objectives need to be completed.










Smoking causes oral cancer

Smoking causes oral cancer


My definition of a cigarette is quite cruel.  I believe its main meaning is, a product that kills humans while giving them a sense of pleasure that improves their lives.

Cigarettes can give a sense of pleasure; therefore improve human lives.

For example, cigarettes help eliminate stress.  When people are stressed out, they smoke a cigar to help them relieve the problems that are occurring; therefore releasing their stress causing an improvement to their life.

This is an illogical reason on why to smoke a cigar.  Those who are stressed out smoke a cigar to release stress, but in reality, they are smoking to continue a bad habit when stress occurs.  Therefore, when stress arrives their habits trigger a response to smoke; that causes an addiction.

One of the most absurd statements I heard came from my Professor Mr. Zukauskas.  He was explaining how back in the day people smoked to expand their lungs; thus giving them more stamina when running marathons. That is inexplicable but yet again, people create ludicrous statements to give them a reason to smoke.

Cigarettes have a huge affect on death. They cause around 6 million deaths a year. According to the World Health Organization every 6.5 seconds a former or present-day smoker dies. Worldwide 1.3 billion people are smokers, and 33 percent to 50 percent of all smokers all killed by their habits.  The World Wide Organization also proved how smokers die on average 15 years sooner than those who do not smoke.   If smoking trends are continued, by the 21st century cigars will kill 1 billion people.  Over 443,000 Americans die because of smoking each year.  Those who believe second hand smoking is fine think twice, the World Health Organization states how 50,000 people a year die by second hand smoking. Each smoked cigarette reduces the smoker’s life by five to 20 minutes.

Not only death, but cigars also cause very cancerous diseases that occur in the human body. When Smoking a cigar more than 4000 chemicals are released, many of these are toxic and carcinogenic. Having said this, each cigarette smoked increases the chance drastically in developing lung cancer.  If you want a healthy heart, DO NOT SMOKE! The risk of heart disease increases approximately 100 percent with each smoker’s cigarette carton.  No organ in the body remains unharmed when a smoker is enjoying his addiction.

The following link shows what smoking causes to the human body, and how people are currently suffering with the addiction.

In my opinion, cigarettes were a valueless thought that entered humanity. Cigars are used to elude reality, and are a worthless piece of technology.


Tesla Motors


Visiting Oakbrook mall I saw a interesting store.  Entering the premises I saw an exotic vehicle that was unlike any other.  The vehicle was 100% percent electric and has a motor in the rear car.  This vehicle can run 300 hours worth of driving and can charge as fast as 3 minutes.  The car was up for sale and can be purchased for $47 500. In my opinion that is not so pricey for a 2012 electric vehicle.

Lets now talk about body specs.  The vehicle has a 35-inch navigator; which controls the shift gears and turns on the vehicle.  The automobile has daytime running lights, which are solar powered.  This means there would be no need in purchasing light bulbs.  Another cool feature this car has is a double trunk body.  This is a benefit because; it will create more storage area in which you can add on your personal belongings.   What’s a car without a bumping sound system? This car comes with 8 boss premium sound speakers that can make the widows shake in any circumstance.

An interesting discovery that I made of this vehicle was the fact that everything was electronically powered.  In general what I am trying to emphasize is how even the door handle involved technology.  When opening the door sensitive motion will trigger the handles to operate.  The speedometer is all technology controlled and has a touchscreen feature that gives you control in closing your doors.  This can be beneficial because, when a rear passenger door is open their would be no need to exit the vehicle to close it.

This car is running on a Kinetic solar powered battery, and a 5-speed engine.  This baby can generate 377 Horsepower; which can do 0-60 in about 4.7 seconds.  It’s not the fastest but it can defeat the challenger against other electric cars.  The battery can withhold 300 miles without a single charge and can charge as fats as 3 minutes.  Overall this car is fashionably built and is all American made; which means parts will be easier to find and less expensive.  Another nice mechanical feature that this car has is the 22-inch chrome rims.    The rims also come with fat gripping tires, which can make driving in the winter a little safer and more slip resistant.

My opinion in this car is pretty much that it’s awesome.  There would be no need to waste money on gas and the gas prices will not have an affect on your pocket.  Another great1 thing is this car is American made, which is really rare for a 100% electric concept car.  The look of this car is also very beautiful; the daytime running lights makes this a bad boy driving by in your streets.  Is this car worth the price?  Certainly it is, not only will the design blow your mind but also the fact that you will save a huge amount of money an year by not purchasing gas.

I want this badass car so bad!

Personal Technology Thoughts In My Life

Lately my girlfriend has been bugging me to buy her an iPhone.  She is currently using a cheap android phone, and I keep telling her that I will buy her one for her birthday.  She is very desperate and keeps on asking me to buy her one.  I am planning to purchase her an iPhone and a pair of Dre Beats for her birthday.  People only want iPhones because everyone makes a big deal about them.  They are basically just any ordinary phones that have a little more features than usual phones. Her birthday will be coming up in a couple of months: September 7 to be precise.  That is when I am going to giver her the phone.

Lately Apple has been releasing new gadgets that are pretty similar to other gadgets.  I hope by the time her birthday comes there would be a newer version of the iPhone.  That is basically the main thing I dislike about apple. They release gadgets that are the same thing as their previous technology.  I wrote about this topic in one of my previous blogs.   I really hope Apple releases a new Mac that is touchscreen and has retina display with a new way op typing.   Don’t get me wrong I love my Mac but I believe it doesn’t do a lot more than an average computer.

Lets get back to the topic about my girlfriends present.  So she might now know it but I am planning to give her a bigger surprise for her birthday.  Like I said the iPhone and beats, but also a playstation.  They reason why I want to giver a playstation is because, we are always playing in my house and I think it would be a lot more amuzing if we would be able to play anytime when we are not together.  A lot of stuff has been going through my mind about what I am going to buy her, but I pretty confident that these things will be a requirement for what I am planning to giver her.  I recently visited Best buy and was interested in purchasing a video game.  I gave it a good though and realized how I can rent the game for a dollar; and if I really like it I can purchase it for the full price.  The game that I have in mind was, “uncharted.”  I played the series of this game and it was amazing.  The graphics are realistic and the gameplay is phenomenal.  The original price for the game is $65 that is very outrageous.  The game itself is worth the money but it’s also expensive for a disk that will be collecting dust in a matter of time.


Technology Miracles


Hospital Technology

Throughout history, technological innovations have comforted and guided mankind by improving standards of living. It all began with simplistic inventions such as the first telephone, and continued on to modern cell phones, computers, and air conditioners. Nowadays, humankind relies on technology everyday of their life, whether its to communicate, travel, research, etc. Modern technology has even evolved so rapidly that hospitals now are tech savvy. Hospitals utilize computers to make their research convenient and fast for their patients. Patients are no longer stuck waiting hours on end for their lab results to get back, due to all of the advances that technology has created. For instance, when a patient goes into the hospital for an X-ray, they no longer have to wait hours or even days to get their results, they get instant feedback. Technology has allowed patients to get better healthcare and faster results, which is beneficial, especially if they have a serious health issue. Technology has made serious health issues become less problematic, because they now have more time to diagnose and take action. In addition, hospitals are able to use new medical procedures-with the assistance of technology- for prenatal screening. Prenatal screening was never that concrete before, but now with futuristic technology, prenatal screening is accurate. Technology has also advanced so much, that expectant mothers can get an ultrasound which shows them what their baby looks like inside their womb. Before technology advanced so much, expectant mothers weren’t able to see their child until they were born, but now mothers are lucky enough to see their baby before they’re born. Also, thanks to the advanced technology, doctors are able to clone. Cloning can be an important aspect of the medical world because doctors can then make duplicates of embryonic stem cells that can be used to cure diseases or grow replacement organs. It could be sued to assist burn victims, brain damage patients, and especially cancer patients. With this new technology savvy world, society can have faith that cancer will eventually only be known as a zodiac sign, no longer a disease.