Personal Philosophy


Human thoughts

Human thoughts


Technology is a psychological thought that could help improve society, or a individuals life.

Can a personal philosophy be a piece of technology?

For example, religion can create a psychological positive emotion that can cause a human to feel loved and protected.   Religion also benefits the human mind by contradicting negative thoughts when a person is asking for forgiveness.  God is always looking out for us; without his mercy, life wouldn’t be worth living.

Showing empathy to others can help escalate the psychosomatic mind in becoming a happier person.  At times, I always forgive and forget issues that are caused by someone else that impair my self-being.  My forgiving actions increase my happiness dramatically that I tend to realize how petite the problem was; thus, I increase the stability of my mind altering diminutive issues.

Having a clear life purpose can benefit your philosophical thoughts because you will have a clear outcome of your future penchants.  Having a clear life purpose can benefit the human mind in many ways.  First, you are planning ahead and visualizing parts of your life that haven’t existed, and deciding whether they’re beneficial in your future journey.

Your social life can also increase the happiness in your life.  If a person is anti- social their conscience becomes stable in thinking you’re alone in the world.  This problem then escalates to having love issues and bonding with people that love you.   Epicurus once said “Attain a happy life characterized by fear surrounded by friends.”  This quote justifies the existence of happiness that occurs when companionship is involved in a persons life; therefore, improving their happiness.

Our ability to identify a sense of self in relation to other phenomena increases our physical existence.  Discovering who you really are can help guide the person in identifying our real existence in life.  Without a sense of self-relation, a person can’t realize their true meaning then they start loosing control; causing them to become suicidal.

Socrates once said, “Ordinary people seem not to realize that those who really apply themselves in the right way to philosophy are directly and of their own accord preparing themselves for dying and death.”


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