iPhone 5


iPhone 5

iPhone 5

I was sitting on the park bench in a sunny after-noon watching the chicks play volleyball.  I was sitting there for about half an hour reading the book Finding the moon in sugar, while waiting for a ride.  I put my book down, and then suddenly a man appeared.

He greeted himself and stated his name; I did the same.  He was an interesting person about 22 with light colored skin. He then sat down as we both enjoyed the view of the fine women playing volleyball.

We than began to converse about cell-phones because I mentioned how I wanted to buy the new galaxy.  I wanted this phone because it was said that it could beat the iPhone’s processor.  I explained to him my opinions on why wanted that phone, and he burst out with his views.  He explained to me how he was doing an investigation on Apple and found out how they are planning to reveal a new version of the iPhone in early fall.

X then started explaining the new features that this model well have.  It will have a new docking system, a new design and a longer lasting battery.  I was then convinced to wait for the arrival of this phone. A great feature this phone is capable of is 3D projection; instead of watching videos of your screen, you will be able to project them off a wall. This will benefit me because I will be able to share information with others in a new creative way.  The phone will also be a hotspot for Wi-Fi enabled devices.  This will help me save money on my Internet bill each month for my PlayStation.

By the end of our conversation, I was convinced in purchasing the new iPhone 5 because; it seems to have more features than the Galaxy.  I ended our conversation by saying, “ hey do you work for Apple or something.”  We both started to laugh as we shook hands, and departed away.



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