Guns, a deadly piece of technology!




Goverment officials should make a  law banning guns, or only entitled for those who are in the military or serving their communities!  They should make this law because some people are not capable of owning procession of a firearm.

In Recent news, a manic that suffered from schizophrenia invaded a movie theatre in Colorado killing 12 people and injuring 56.  Out of those 12 people, there was a little girl about the age of 3.  The man who committed this tragic crime is, James Holmes.  Holmes is now incarcerated and fears that the death penalty will be used against him.

During the scene, Holmes was armed with 2 handguns, a rifle, shotgun, tear gas and chemical mask.  He said he purchased these weapons easily, and was given the license to own them.

I am trying to emphasize how our government allows individuals to own exotic weapons with no limits.  If more qualification were required when receiving a weapon, the rate of murder crimes would decrease because only certain citizens will be entitled to own a weapon.

A reason why guns should be banned is because people are killing innocent citizens for excessive reasons.  For example, the Travyon Martin case, this case involves the murder of a young man who was killed due to police brutality.  This example shows how guns give people a feeling of power, in which they believe there entitled to use it in any circumstance.  This is absurd! Even those in higher responsibilities are using weapons in a pointless way because they are given the right to use it when they believe they are in danger.

In my opinion, weapons should only be allowed for individuals who meet more requirements then age and criminal background. This will help decrease murders and make the environment a better place to live.


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