My Liberty! (Chick Magnet)


Jeep Liberty


It was a cold November afternoon when I was driving around different dealers seeking in purchasing a vehicle. My spending budget was under $10,000 on a vehicle with 50,000 miles or less.  Many locations did not have the vehicle that fit my qualifications. I was about to give up before my father gave me the advice to search in a rural area.  I considered his advice and searched dealers in the Schaumburg area.  My luck finally answered when I approached a Dodge dealer that had a vehicle that fit my requirements.

When entering the premises I made it specific to the sales representative about my requirements on a vehicle; I also said a truck would make the deal more delightful. The face expression of the representative quickly became ecstatic as he explained to me a recent vehicle that they had purchased.  He guided me through aisles that contained fine luxurious vehicles. We then stopped as he pointed to the opposite direction of our location; I was quickly excited because my search was finally over.

I purchased a Jeep Liberty in a Schaumburg dealer with 44000 miles. My final price including taxes was  $9,574.  I was extremely satisfied with this purchase because the vehicle included 4×4, and had very low mileage. When purchasing the vehicle I tried to make the sales men negotiate a lower price; it didn’t work.  He than went on telling me how finding a jeep with low miles for the price given was a hard thing to accomplish.

2 years later, I still have my jeep… It runs magnificent, and feels as if it was a 2012.  I added an additional 25,000 but that had no affect to the way my baby runs.  I’m starting to see a little rust forming, but that doesn’t bother me because it is a 8 year old car.  The only thing I had to replace was the rear turning light. I added a 7-inch touchscreen radio, with 2 15-inch speakers.  The total investments I made for these fine accessories was roughly $700-$1000. I also bypassed the radio so the DVD player can work while driving.

I am extremely satisfied with my vehicle, and I am planning to keep it in the family.  It was the first purchase I made without my parents help; therefore, a lot of sentimental value has grown upon me.

My jeep is a chick magnet; whenever I drive it, I have problems because all of my girls don’t fit.  I simply tell them, “Ill pick you up once I drop her off.”


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