Smoking causes oral cancer

Smoking causes oral cancer


My definition of a cigarette is quite cruel.  I believe its main meaning is, a product that kills humans while giving them a sense of pleasure that improves their lives.

Cigarettes can give a sense of pleasure; therefore improve human lives.

For example, cigarettes help eliminate stress.  When people are stressed out, they smoke a cigar to help them relieve the problems that are occurring; therefore releasing their stress causing an improvement to their life.

This is an illogical reason on why to smoke a cigar.  Those who are stressed out smoke a cigar to release stress, but in reality, they are smoking to continue a bad habit when stress occurs.  Therefore, when stress arrives their habits trigger a response to smoke; that causes an addiction.

One of the most absurd statements I heard came from my Professor Mr. Zukauskas.  He was explaining how back in the day people smoked to expand their lungs; thus giving them more stamina when running marathons. That is inexplicable but yet again, people create ludicrous statements to give them a reason to smoke.

Cigarettes have a huge affect on death. They cause around 6 million deaths a year. According to the World Health Organization every 6.5 seconds a former or present-day smoker dies. Worldwide 1.3 billion people are smokers, and 33 percent to 50 percent of all smokers all killed by their habits.  The World Wide Organization also proved how smokers die on average 15 years sooner than those who do not smoke.   If smoking trends are continued, by the 21st century cigars will kill 1 billion people.  Over 443,000 Americans die because of smoking each year.  Those who believe second hand smoking is fine think twice, the World Health Organization states how 50,000 people a year die by second hand smoking. Each smoked cigarette reduces the smoker’s life by five to 20 minutes.

Not only death, but cigars also cause very cancerous diseases that occur in the human body. When Smoking a cigar more than 4000 chemicals are released, many of these are toxic and carcinogenic. Having said this, each cigarette smoked increases the chance drastically in developing lung cancer.  If you want a healthy heart, DO NOT SMOKE! The risk of heart disease increases approximately 100 percent with each smoker’s cigarette carton.  No organ in the body remains unharmed when a smoker is enjoying his addiction.

The following link shows what smoking causes to the human body, and how people are currently suffering with the addiction.

In my opinion, cigarettes were a valueless thought that entered humanity. Cigars are used to elude reality, and are a worthless piece of technology.



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