Albert Einstein Inventor of Electricity







I’ve recently read an article about Albert Einstein.  Robert has a huge impact in how we use technology in our century.  This article describes reflects on Einsteins opinion through our God and religious beliefs.  Reading this article gave me a feeling of dejection, it was hard to believe that Einstein did not believe in God.  Mostly every quote in this article described how Einstein felt towards our God.  Einstein believes that science is the reason why we are here, and how everything that is described in the bible is scientifically impossible.  He states a lot of interesting opinions in this article, he says how children are raised to believe that there is one God.  Einstein states in this article, “ I cannot conceive of a God who rewards and punishes his creatures, or had a will of the type of which we are conscious in ourselves.” I sort of agree with this statement but why should we be rewarded every-time something good or bad happens?  I find a feeling of hate every time I read a quote that Einstein says about God; Its absurd how the person who had an effect on our future can have a negative affect on our spiritual beliefs.   Through reading this article I felt uncomfortable and pissed off, as if every thing he says is a joke.  For example, Einstein states, “I am deeply religious nonbeliever… This is a somewhat new kind of religion.”  This quote is incongruous because, Albert is making fun of our religions and feels as if his opinion is more important than the opinions of others.  Its hard to read the opinions of a man that effected the technology of our era can have such a negative, hatred feeling towards our God.  A quote that I slightly agree of is the following in which Albert states, “I do not believe that a man should be restrained in his daily actions by being afraid of punishment after death or that he should do things only because in this way he will be rewarded after he dies.  This does not make sense.  The proper guidance during the life of a man should be the weight that he puts upon ethics and the amount of consideration that he has for others.”  This quote is somewhat agreeable, people should not be judged in which they should either be burning in Hell, or flying in Heaven.  I find some of our religious beliefs ridiculous but I do not believe that our God is ridiculous.  The fact that someones says, “You kill someone you will burn in hell.”  But than they say, “God will forgive and forget.”  This makes me think on what to believe.  Its hard to understand both meanings but I don’t find it hard to believe that there is a personal God.  Therefore Einstein is an intelligent idiotic genius.


iPhone 5

Concept iPhone

I want to see a whole new entire design on the iPhone 5.  There has been 4 models and they are all almost the same body shape; the only difference is in the 4, and 4s they switched it form a round body to a squared body.  I would also like to have Flash in the new iPhone; mostly all of the Apple products fail to have flash.  One reason why I would like to have flash is because, without Flash their is a lot of things that you cannot do with the iPhone; their is websites you cannot view, and more importantly there are files that may not be opened without Flash.  Another feature I would like to see on the new iPhone is a 5megapixel front facing camera.  The camera that is on the 4, and 4s version is horrible; you can see everything so blurry.  It would also be sweet if they add flash for the front facing camera because, when taking a picture in the night with the front facing camera is horrible.  I WANT TO BE ABLE TO SEE MYSELF!  My next hope is a longer battery life.  The iPhone right now has a good battery, but doesn’t last you as long as you want.  I want a battery that is capable of giving the same amount of power rather your brightness is on high, or rather it is on low.  90% percent of time my iPhone is on low brightness, and I do this to save battery.  Another great feature that I would like to see on the iPhone 5 is biometric security.   What this means is, instead of swiping your phone to unlock, the phone detects if its really your by finger prints, body, etc.  This would be really awesome because, it brings a new form of security to handheld gadgets, and a whole new experience to the consumer. A feature I would not want to see a slimmer design on the iPhone 5; it would feel more cheap, and it will break easier.  The 4, and 4s are al ready slim enough.  I also don’t want to see it available for more than 2 carriers.  Why I don’t want this is because, ever since the iPhone was eligible for other carriers more people seem to have iPhones.  This bugs me because, when it was just for at&t it was more valuable; less people had it, and more people wanted it.  I would also want to see the next generation of the A5 processor.  Adding this processor would mean better graphics, faster speeds, and more computing pads. The NFC would also be a cool add on for the iPhone 5.  This feature would benefit our environment because, no more credit cards would have to be issued.  All of your cards would be stored on your iPhone, and when making a purchase you swipe your iPhone instead of your credit card.  These are the add ons I would like to see on the iPhone, but as we all know from experience; Apple is just going to come up with a phone with one added feature.

Old Technology

I was talking to a friend earlier, and the conversation we had was really interesting.  We were discussing technology and how it has evolved greatly since we were children.  I remember how we used to have Nintendo 64, and how they used to be the best gaming systems in the world.  Now look at what we have Playstation, Xbox, Wii, and Psp.  It’s amazing how all of these consoles have wireless controllers, I recall when I was a child how we were lucky if the control worked without having to blow on it.  Its scary to think just how far we all came with these electronics.  For example, lets take thought about the older cell phones.  God how they sucked! They had horrible graphics, and buttons that were so freaking small.  Now look at what we have, phones that don’t even have buttons, phones that have a better resolution than the TV in your house! Its incredible!  Another example, are TV’s. Wow where do I even start with this.  I remember growing up how a 20 inch TV was so badass.  Now in days a 20 inch TV is a joke.  Lets talk about the features these TV’s have.  1080 HD, 3D, and Blu-ray.  Back than we were looking if we even had a Tv with a good antenna.  What I am trying to emphasize is, I want you to think about how things evolved tremendously throughout the years.  In the future what are we going to have?  We al ready have everything that is possible, whats next a TV that becomes a car?  Dang I wouldn’t be shocked.  Another gadget that has evolved greatly is music.  What I mean is how they are stored.  For example I remember how we used to have cassettes, and how pissed off we would get whenever they skipped.  We evened from cassettes to cd’s, but now we have something even more incredible.  When was the last time you seen somebody holding a cassette player, or a handheld cd player?  Its quite rare because they have been replaced with iPods, and mp3’s.  These gadgets are a lot smaller than cd’s, but can hold up to thousands of cd’s, or cassettes.  I believe they are more convenient, and more space saving than cd’s, or cassettes.  Now lets talk about cars.  We went from having cars that are 12 miles to the galloon, to 100 miles to the galloon. Wow that is simply incredible.  It will benefit the environment drastically.  Unlike the past vehicles now have the ability to park themselves, and even drive themselves.  Cars are also a lot more safer, and reliable than old models.  They are equipped with more airbags, and with more body features that will benefit the passenger during a collision.  The best technology we are blessed with is, technology that cures the sick.   I am happy to live in a generation where people work with technology in saving lives, and keeping an extra person in the world.  In conclusion, don’t blink because technology evolves faster than you think.

Nintendo 64

Microsoft Concepts

Future Computer

I recently saw a video that took me by surprise.  Microsoft is working on a desk top that literally doesn’t need a desktop to be put on.  The desktop has cameras built in the bottom of it that control your every move. The look of it is impressive, it looks like a giant iPad that represents both your screen, and mouse.  This interface used is called, “Surface Computing.”  The reason why it is a interface is because, it combines your mouse, and keyboard into one product.  Although Microsoft has been announced a specific release date, they are certain you will be able to purchase this item in 5 years.  A cool feature that this computer has, is the ability to transfer your photos from your camera more easily.  The way it does it is quite unique.  You simply drop the camera on the screen, and your photos will open without you searching the files. Another awesome feature is wireless everything.  When you drag music, or photos from devices there is no need for usb ports. When you want to order something online, you simply place your credit card on the screen, and it reads your information without you typing in your number, or expiration date.  Another great concept Microsoft is working on is a chalk board that has live animations.  This is awesome it will make learning a lot more easier, and entertaining.  For example, when a teacher is explaining h20 the chalkboard will create a raining effect, and sounds that are unbelievable.  This chalkboard will make learning a lot more easier because, if a student doesn’t understand the meaning of a word, the gadget will create a live illusion on what the word means.  For example, lets use the word measurement.  The electronic will show example of many types of measurement devices like rulers, measuring cups, etc…  All these electronics are amazing, but also come with many flaws.  I believe the prices of these gadgets are going to be unpredictably expensive.  I also believe it will be very difficult to maintain these products.  For example, the chalkboard will be running of a wifi database, which means it is bound to get viruses.  You would need to purchase a virus defender for this product which can cost you a great amount of money.   What would happened if the gadget fails during the middle of class?  It will interrupt learning time, and will be useless because, you need it to be on in order for you to get its full reason of use.  Hopefully we should be seeing these items up for sale soon, and in our classrooms.  Microsoft is improving greatly in their products, and are showing the world what they are capable of.  In the other hand Apple has not released a video showing their concepts, and what they are capable of.  All they been doing is releasing products that are almost the same as their other products, which pisses me off real bad.  When are they planning to add a newer design to the iPhone or iPad?  We can only wait, and see who will be more dominant in the future.

Future Innovators

I recently saw a Best Buy commercial that surprised me tremendously.  The commercial was about how laptops are helping technicians to create new, and life changing electronics.  For example one concept they are working on is, being able to charge your electronics wirelessly.  This is a great idea. It will benefit the environment by using less electricity, It will also benefit the consumer.   The consumer will save money on buying chargers, and will save money on their electricity bill. Another great idea that innovators are working on is, being able to use a touchscreen out of thin air.  This is simply amazing.  It will change the whole meaning of a touchscreen device.  Lets say you are on the other side of the room, and you need to change the song, or need to do a quick action on your pc.  Instead of stopping what you are doing, and getting up you can simply use hand gestures to control your desktop.  Another great idea they are working on is, using their laptops to defy gravity.  This can be a life safer in many ways.  First, it can save the lives of many people who are being held hostile by a fire in the upper floors.  Firefighters would be able to defy gravity, and climb there way up to save the individuals.  It can also be the start of other many great ideas.  For example, if you are able to beat gravity than why wouldn’t you be able to fly?  If you find a way to fight off gravity by climbing, why wouldn’t you be able to completely avoid gravity and fly through the sky?  I know it sounds ridiculous, but if I told you 5 years ago that innovators thought of a way to climb a building by defying gravity, you would think I’m talking out of my ass.  Another great invention they are working on, is being able to use a soccer ball as a power source.  Basically what they are trying to say is, soccer balls will be giving out power to light, or electronics by using the sun through the day, and the moon through the night.  This is a great idea because, it will save more money and will be very environmental to the earth.  Street lights will be powered by these soccer balls, and will not have to be running on a cycle by turning off, and on.  When you are walking in a alley you feel safer knowing that the lights are on at night.  Eventually they will be turned off, and that can be the beginning of a crime.  These soccer balls will stop this situation because, they are supplying constant energy to the lights.  If the soccer balls provided sufficient amount of energy, they will be able to save the town money, and also the tax payers.  All these ideas are modern concepts, and will be able to effect the world in a numerous amount of ways.  Hopefully these ideas will be fully established so both the consumer, and the environment can benefit of it.

Simply amazing.  Jon Moeller working on making a device touchscreen through thin air.

Rockstar Games idea to punish cheaters


Rockstar Games

Recently Rockstar Games thought of a interesting, and great idea to stop cheaters in online game play.  Those of us who play Black Ops, or MW2 are frustrated when another gamer hacks the game and causes everyone to lag. Once we lag our gaming systems start acting differently.  For example when a gamer hacks the host, the host gets an effect in which glitch occurs and our gaming systems will power off on us during game play.  Rockstar Games recently announced the following statement to this problem, “We’re aware that a small minority of players are spoiling the Max Payne 3 multiplayer experience for honest players with cheats and hacks, and while certain issues will be dealt with in forthcoming title updates, today we’d like to make it clear that anyone using these nefarious methods will be dealt with.”  The idea in which Rockstar Games added to the new game, “Max Payne 3”, is really great.  Whenever a gamer tries to hack the online mode, it automatically isolates the troublemaker and forces them to play in a lobby designated for cheaters.  They will be allowed back to normal gameplay in a short amount of time, but if they are caught cheating again they will be banished from the multiplayer game world indefinitely.  Another great feature that Rockstar Games have developed is, when a cheater is caught a online gamer can report them to Rockstar Games.  You might be thinking, “Wow this is nothing new,”.  It might not be nothing new but they added a great positive outcome.  When a cheater is reported the gamer will get credit points which can be used towards unlocking guns, etc.   When a person hacks in a game it takes away so much great, and fun experiences for other players.  I am for this idea greatly for the fact that my gaming system started falling after a couple of punks hacked the host, and kicked me out the gaming pool.  A lot of us are real tired of dealing with the cheaters that are lurking in the gaming world, and ruining the gameplay for most of us  the idea that Rockstar Games thought of can change the gaming world dramatically.  People would feel more comfortable in purchasing a game with online gameplay, and not have to worry about hackers, or they could experience a greater time with not as much lag as before.  Another great idea that they had was, if your caught cheating more than two times, they will suspend your account, or even banning accounts for people who took advantage of the game play.  Hackers are now aware of the consequences they will face if they are caught hacking a multiplayer online game, and should think twice before they decide to cheat.  I believe Rockstar Games got this idea by watching games like Diablo, and ModernWarfare.  They took advantage, and thought of an idea that will help promote their game, and will allow gamers to experience a new and more enjoyable way of playing their online games.

Hello world!

Recently Apple has revealed a new MacBook Pro, with a lot more features than the older model.  Unlike the other one this MacBook is stuffed with 5.1 million pixels, with Retina display.  When you add such an amount of megapixels in a 15.4 inch screen, you get more color, and less glare.  This Mac is also packed with 7 more hours of battery life, and is more thin than its other competitors.    In my opinion I enjoy Apple products, but I believe that all models are very similar.  For example lets take a look at the I-Pad 1st gen.  It has a great 9.50 inch screen, and a great look to it.  Now lets take a look at the I-Pad 2.  It has the exact same body specs, but the only difference is the camera, and 3g.  Now, the new I-Pad has the exact same body specs, and features, as the I-Pad 2, the only difference is the Retina display. This kind of stuff is ridiculous, they are just trying to scam people for their money.  For example they make a cheap model, and give it time for people to buy a certain amount, than they make a similar model with one, or two things added to it. They did this with the new I-Pad, they didn’t even know what to name it because, they made 2 more models very similar to it.  Its final name was, “The New I-Pad.”  Wow this kind of stuff really pisses me off because, I wasted my money on a I-pad, and the next month they make a new one.  Another example of Apple products is the iPhone 4, and iPhone 4s.  It has the same body specs, and the same apps.  The only difference about these 2 products is the fact that the 4s is slightly faster, and has a software upgrade, for instance like Siri.  A simple software update could have given the iPhone 4 the ability to have Siri, but they decided to make a whole new product, worth $200 dollars more, that just includes a s after the 4. I believe this is a horrible way to get people to waste money on your products, but in the same time it is also a great idea.  Why I believe its a great idea is because, when a consumer purchases a product they feel comfortable in believing it is better than its competitors.  What does one do when the same brand you bought makes a new version with a simple add on feature?  Simple they would feel an update is necessary, and would purchase the new model.  This has a similar rhythm as the domino effect because, a consumer buys a product, and purchases another one, after another one because the business releases a newer product once consumers purchases the older model.  What I am trying to exaggerate from this thought is, before purchasing a product investigate, and realize if that really what you want.  Also think about features that the item does not include, and think if you would really need that product with those extra features that might be included in future models.

All you need is a magnifying glass.